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Turf DeVille Mountain Board Reviews

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turf deville mountain board

The Turf DeVille is excellent as a backcountry cruiser with plenty of clearance while the Double D is a more aggressive board, allowing tighter turns and greater ease for aerial tricks.

How are Turfboard all-mountain boards different from all-terrain boards?

You’ve probably seen our design elements, so we don’t have to mention the four-wheel independent suspension or the dual drum brake and so on that are unique to Turfboard. What we will say is that the Turfboard was designed to avoid the limitations of having to ride on groomed dirt tracks and specially made terrain parks. The truth is, we don’t have any friends who own a bulldozer. We wanted a board you could take “backcountry” and not worry about steepness of slope, long grass and weeds or moderate amounts of debris in your path. The Turfboard is built to go down the same hills and mountains you would otherwise snowboard on if there were snow. Without any doubt, the Turfboard can go where no all-terrain board dare try.

What is the advantage of the four-wheel independent suspension for all-mountain boarding?

We all know that each slope will not be as smooth as golf greens (don’t say you got the idea here!). Any board will have to navigate endless bumps, rocks, sticks, pockets and holes. When a tire meets with one of these nasties, the tire will be knocked off its straight and even course. If that tire shares a single axle with another tire on the other side of the board, BOTH tires will react by going out of control. Trust us, when you are hauling down a slope, the last thing you want is instability. The independent suspension allows each tire to act independently – thus the name – “independent suspension”.

Why do the tires on the Turf DeVille look so unusual?

Everything except the brake handle and the fasteners have been custom designed for us. The tire was designed to grip very well in grass, weeds or scrub brush. The stepped sidewall of the downhill tires “load up” during a tight turn to allow the board to track cleanly without sliding. The little knobbies act like spikes in vegetation to further improve tracking and thereby decrease damage to the environment. The tires are tubeless and increase in diameter about 1 inch when inflated. Inflated, they are about 7 ½ inches in diameter and 4 ¼ inches wide. We have never, ever had one blow out when used according to directions. The rim is a three-part design made from machined aircraft aluminum that pinches the beads of the tire.


  • carbon-composite construction
  • 4 x 4 universial binding pattern


  • 4-wheel independent design
  • aircraft-aluminum construction


  • custom-design tread
  • high-preformance, tubeless pneumatic


  • cnc-machined billet aluminum
  • three part beadlock construction


  • adjustable dual-drum brake
  • hand-activated

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