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Conflict 106 Mountain Board Reviews

January 29th, 2009 · No Reviews · Add a Review

Why does Akoni Kama ride a Conflict 106 ground board? As one of the world’s top boarders, AK needs the cutting-edge technology and design that the Conflict offers. With GI’s innovative HelioCore technology, our most advanced board yet boasts our lightest deck ever: 4.5 lbs. If you are searching for a world-class competition board that is versatile enough to use for downhilling, longboarding, jumping, and kiting, you’ve found it. Longer than most, at just under 42 inches, the Conflict is ideal for a taller rider with a wider stance. It’s also an amazing park board, obvious the second you feel yourself spring out of a turn. If you’re into big air, you’ll appreciate the way the custom engineered HelioCore properties absorb the landing off a jump or ramp, making it easier to maintain speed while at the same allowing the board to flex – preventing you from bottoming out. You’ll probably want one of GI’s cool Sherpa bags for the Conflict when you’re heading out to board, but find a conspicuous place to hang this baby at home so you can enjoy GI’s original “good vs. evil” artwork.

conflict 106

What is HelioCore and how does it make the Conflict 106 a world-class board?

For the first time in the industry, GI designers have developed a way to inject foam into the mold, and pre-mold the core – which means no more forcing the core into an unnatural state. This results in a board being in its natural state while at rest, creating a lively, poppy feeling for the rider. 3-D features like V-Beam and I-Beam give the core a structure of its own. This means that the moment a rider is deflecting the deck in any way, the design qualities encourage it back to its natural state – giving the board more pop than any board has ever offered before. The vertical I-beam integrated from tip to tail allows for a thinner, lighter board that additionally has the desired quality of increased stiffness. With HelioCore technology, the Conflict 106 is the perfect all-around board for someone who wants to free ride, get big air, boarder cross and more.

length: 41.7”/106 cm
width: 8.5”/21.6 cm
weight: 14.1 lbs./6.39 kilos
deck construction: heliocore composite
build: professional grade

Kit Includes:
2008 Balistik MAK 2 ply tires
Red Vegas Hub Technology
White Bionic Pro 16″ suspension
Torsion Cube Technology, includes HD4 T3s
Roots Talon II Bindings, Red
Conflict Heliocore Deck
Tool Kit & Instructions

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