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2009 Tracker Kite Mountian Board Reviews

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2009 flexifoil tracker landboard2009 Flexifoil Tracker

Specifically designed for kite landboarding, the new Flexifoil Tracker deck ideally suited to beginners or intermediate riders.

It’s unique shape and 11ply rugged construction deliver an easy forgiving ride. The board is very stable and delivers predictable steering, ideal for speed and carving or for taking downhill on no-wind days.

The deck shape is unique. Under your feet there is a wide platform. This will allow you to get the maximum amount of turning leverage to enable quick sharp turns, it also gives the feeling of a large solid platform to nail those tricks on.
Excess material has also been removed around the tips of the board to keep the board light.

Skate trucks (rather than channel trucks) are used as they are light and more responsive. They do not contain any moving parts, springs or excess hardware making them ideal for the harsh beach environment.

Lightweight hubs have been chosen for their great strength to weight ratio and their unmatched durability.

The Tracker has ergonomically shaped footstraps for comfort and total control. The locking system provides a rigid binding that will hold its shape and prevents the foot strap collapsing. The construction is bomb proof and will provide years of riding satisfaction.

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