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2009 Hunter Kite Mountian Board Reviews

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2009 flexifoil hunter landboard2009 Flexifoil Hunter

The Canadian maple Hunter deck incorporates four layers of tri-axial fibreglass, offering outstanding pop and shock absorption perfect for all demanding landboarders.

Deck Shape
The shape is unique and has been designed to be perfectly balanced. Under your feet there is a wide platform. This allows the rider to get the maximum amount of turning leverage to enable quick sharp turns. It also gives the rider the feeling of a large solid platform to nail those tricks on.

Deck Construction
Only the best materials from around the world have been used in the Flexifoil Hunter. We couple an American epoxy with a European hardener to give us the ultimate glue and ensure a very strong solid lay-up. The Hunter also has 4 layers of tri-axial fibreglass within its lay-up. These have been strategically positioned for the maximum weight to strength ratio, a super smooth ride and maximum pop.

The new bespoke tread design has been developed to maximise the number of vertical edges parallel to the side force generated whilst riding. The sideways force is transferred into a forward direction. This not only helps you move in the correct direction in wet slippery conditions but it also helps you to load your edge allowing you to boost higher.
The Hunter is fitted with 5-spoke hubs. These lightweight hubs have been chosen for their great strength to weight ratio and their unmatched durability.

Our skate trucks have a steel axle which has a lightweight aluminum casting surrounding it. The truck is fitted with a strong 12mm axle which has been hollowed to reduce the weight but still maintain its strength.


The footstrap design allows for a number of different set up options, meaning that straps are always exactly where you want them and are perfect for your riding style.

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