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2008 Dirtsurfer 16 FS Mountain Board Reviews

February 26th, 2009 · No Reviews · Add a Review

dirtsurfer 16 fs mountainboardThe FS is our freestyle board that features all the specs of the DH on a shorter length frame and smaller 16″ tires. The reduction in size allows for a lighter board that is more maneuverable so you can pull off the biggest tricks imaginable! This board skates extremely well, but can still tackle the rough terrain due to having a higher ground clearance than the GP.

The 2008 FS features the following upgrades from 2007:

  • New Hayes MX-4 disk brake system for greater stopping power, more stability and durability on impact and more accessibility to replacement parts.
  • New Twintex/maple deck made in California by Watson Laminates. The FS comes stock with a TYPE 3 deck featuring 8-ply maple sandwiched by 22oz. Twintex. The deck is cambered and features a “W” concave surface. New container nut hardware allows the rider to tighten his deck bolts from both ends.
  • Larger swing-arm dampener provides for more durability, smoother action and noise reduction.
  • New fine-tuner mounted to brake lever for increased braking power and reduced maintenance.
  • Optional Deluxe footstraps improved for 2008 with beefier arch pad and top strap as well as reinforced velcro tabs.

Although the ultimate toy for the serious freestyler, the FS is also the ideal board for smaller riders. As it is over 8 inches shorter in overall length than the DH and Flexi Pro, this board is much easier for shorter and lighter riders to control.

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